Dallas Cowboys Have One Of The Toughest Schedules in NFL

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The official 2018 NFL Season schedule hasn’t been announced yet, but all of the teams know their opponents. While we wait for it to come out, sometime in April, we can already tell that Dallas Cowboys are going to have a tough time next season. After the end of the last season, Cowboys had a tenth toughest schedule in the league. Eight of their sixteen opponents have won nine or more games.

During 2017 they had to face off with three leading teams in the NFC because they finished first in their division in 2016. With a second place finish in 2017, they will play against second-seeded squads across the conference and all teams that play in AFC South. Thinking logically, you might think that playing against franchises that finished second in their divisions would be more comfortable than playing against the teams that finished first. But, in 2018 that just might not be the case for America’s Team.

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Their adversaries next season will be as fierce as they get, and some of the more difficult games will be played on the road. The matches we are talking about include duels against Falcons, Seahawks, and Panthers. Add NFC East away matches, and you can already see that Cowboys will have troubles winning away from home. Other road duels in 2018 are going to be the clashes with Texans and Colts.

Unfortunately, for Cowboys 2018 postseason hopes the matches at home won’t be any easier. Eagles, Giants, and Redskins are coming to Texas as divisional rivals just like every season. Other teams are Titans, Saints, and Jaguars. All three squads have reached the playoffs this season, with Jaguars still being in the mix for Super Bowl. The teams that Dallas Cowboys should beat at home without uncertainty are Buccaneers and Lions.

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Looking at quarterbacks that Dallas franchise is going to face next season, their defense will need to be an elite unite. They showed signs of growth last year, but to come out victorious from these duels they will need to step it up a lot. The opposing QB’s include Carson Wentz, Drew Brees, Cam Newton, Matt Ryan, Russell Wilson, and Matt Stafford. All of these guys have Pro Bowl quality. Players such as Eli Manning (if he stays in New York), Jameis Winston, Cousins (if he remains with Redskins), and Mariota shouldn’t be underestimated.

On the other side of the ball, Cowboys offense will have to play against four out of ten best teams in points allowed per game category in 2017.

Luckily for America’s Team, they are in a better situation than Redskins and Giants both in personnel they have on the field and organizationally. That leaves the Eagles as the team to beat next season. If Cowboys manage to do this, they will clinch NFC East and go to the postseason.