Dallas Cowboys’ Jason Garrett and CB Orlando Scandrick Engage in Heated Conversation


The Dallas Cowboys faced the Atlanta Falcons and suffered a heavy 27-7 loss. After a touchdown in the first quarter, everything was going downhill for Dallas, and they couldn’t find the rhythm. About a minute to go, Dallas cornerback Orlando Scandrick was spotted by Fox cameras talking loudly to the head coach Jason Garrett on the sideline what looked like an unpleasant conversation.

However, both Garrett and Scandrick addressed the media after the game, saying that there are no issues between them. The 10-year veteran said: “Let’s clear it up. Me and coach Garrett were not going at it. [We were] having a passionate conversation and he just listened and I told him that we need to finish games. I don’t care if we’re up 20 or down 20. …That’s just what I was expressing to him. I felt like at the end of the game, I pride myself on wanting to be out there.”

Scandrick is one of Dallas captains, and he wanted to set an example. He also pointed out that he respected coach Garrett and that the two of them are close and allowed to have that kind of talk. Scandrick scared the fans for a moment when his right hand was stepped on, but he quickly returned to the game.

On the other hand, Garrett didn’t want to speak to the media about what happened and he just said: “We just had a visit. I don’t want to share anything.” The Cowboys played one of the worst games on Sunday, and Scandrick ended the match with four tackles and a pass deflection. What are your thoughts on this talk?