In Nuclear War Scenario, Donald Trump Would Use This Plane

This incredible aircraft is designed if the world ends or in case of the nuclear war. Specially designed American airplane follows the president’s plane known as “Air Force 1” wherever he goes in case of the sudden nuclear strike. It is officially known as the National Airborne Operations Center which allows the US presidents to issue directives and make decisions while they are miles above the surface of the Earth.

Boeing E-4Bs is priced at incredible $250 million, and one hour of its flight costs $160,000. The airplane has a wide array of defensive mechanism, including the ability to sustain electromagnetic impulses. Moreover, the crew uses traditional analog instruments to fly the plane because they are less likely to break in case of the cyber attack.

This flying fortress is not some secret kept by the US government, but it is the safest place for the president to be in if the new Cold War begins or some madman decides to start a nuclear attack. Unlike the ceremonial and comfortable Air Force 1, the Boeing E-4Bs’ main space is designed for war, and besides the president, the plane would be used by dozen military experts, analysts and communication associates who would lead the way for the president during the first days of the catastrophe.

Also, the plane is equipped with special equipment such as the eight-kilometer-long antenna so that the president would be in touch with the submarine fleet of the U.S. even after all means of communications are destroyed on Earth. During the last decade of the Cold War, the plane was located in the air force base Andrews, Maryland, but when the incumbent president is on the ground, the Boeing E-4Bs is located in Omaha, Nebraska.