Dallas Cowboys Looking For A Trade In Draft?


It has been a few years since the Dallas Cowboys used their first-round selection in a trade. This franchise usually had a higher pick than the one that they have this year as they weren’t as good as they were in 2016. With the great record that Cowboys had last season comes the lower first-round pick. Right now, they are sitting at number 28th overall, but it seems that they might be looking to trade up or trade down. Here is what team owner had to say about their draft plans.

“Near the bottom of the first, moving toward the top…this sets up for a little potential trade action to try and gain some value or try to hit an opportunity,” Jones said to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “I have never looked at where we were when we started a draft and thought we are not going to get a very good player right there. The assumption being that is where you are going to be when you have to make a decision. All that plays out as it unfolds. There are some opportunities (for trades up or down).”


Jerry Jones is the man that is known for taking risks. He did take a big risk with the purchase of the Dallas Cowboys 28 years ago. It was the first one of a many in his tenure as the owner and the general manager of the franchise. But, he said that he is not going to take redshirt players in this years’ draft. Jerry is going to try to make all the right moves this offseason so the team can get back in the position in which they were last year.