Richard Sherman On The Move?


Draft day is coming, and the teams will be looking to shake things up. Some of them will try to trade their star players in order to get another high-round draft pick while the others will try to acquire those stars because they are willing to pay the big price. One of those stars that appeared in the rumors is Richard Sherman.

Seahawks have one of the best defenses in the NFL every single year. Even though they are always tough to go up against, we have seen that this defense is not quite as good as they were a couple of years ago. Richard Sherman is one of the best corners in the league, but it seems that he hasn’t been able to make a big impact last year. The Seahawks got run off the field by the Falcons offense in the Playoffs, and the defense had no answer for Matt Ryan and company.


There are rumors that Seattle is shopping Richard Sherman. This doesn’t mean that the trade will happen, but we are informing you that it just might. New England Patriots is the squad that has been in the play for Sherman as they talked to the Seahawks before they got Stephon Gilmore. Saints are interested in Malcolm Butler, but they would need to give up a first round selection in order to get him from the Pats. New England can always use that pick to go out there and get Sherman.

Another team that should look for every single cornerback available is the Dallas Cowboys. They have lost a lot of pieces on that already weakened defense. The draft is the place for them, but they should be looking at all options. Maybe they take a look at Sherman at some point before the season starts.