Dallas Cowboys – Is There Reason For Panic?

Source: betdaqtips.com

After the Week 1 win over the ‘not so good’ New York Giants entire Cowboys nation was acting high and mighty. The NFC East was there to be overrun. The joy didn’t last long because as early as in the Week 2 of 2017 NFL Season they were stumped upon by fabulous Broncos defense for final 42-17. Daily Cowboys critics were fast to pull the trigger on the question: Are Cowboys in for another early playoff exit, or are they forged for something more?


The no playoff seasons, or an early exit from the same was something that Cowboys are used to. It is hard to believe, but Cowboys failed to progress further from the Divisional round since 1995. Last year, they finished the season with 13-3, clinched the NFC East and earned themselves a bye week before the playoffs. After that, they lost, in an unfortunate turn of events and by the pure genius of Aaron Rodgers, from Green Bay Packers.

This season expectations were even higher. Prescott and Elliott have established themselves as superstars for their respective franchise after a stellar rookie season. In addition to their superior play during 2016 season, they were also blessed with the leagues best offensive line. Entire off-season was dedicated to strengthening the defensive side of the ball. Despite losing to Broncos, they are still considered to be favorites in their division. Luckily NFC is not becoming one of the strongest groups, well not just yet. This means that the doors to the postseason are opened for Cowboys.


The strength of Denver Broncos is the force of any team in the playoffs and in order to progress further than divisional round they will have to beat teams like that. On the positive side, not many teams in the NFL posses such a dominant defense.

In conclusion, Broncos destroyed the Cowboys, and more importantly showed to the rest of the league how to play against them. There are reasons to be concerned on Cowboys camp but not to go into full panic mode. Despite the early shock, Cowboys have enough quality to put themselves together, clinch the NFC East, and progress to the postseason.