Dallas Cowboys Shutdown Lions In The Second Half For Their 13th Win


Dallas Cowboys went into this Monday Night Football matchup already knowing that they will have the home-field advantage in the postseason. Still, that didn’t affect their starting lineup as all starters were on the field, trying to earn their 13th win of the season against the Detroit Lions.

Detroit came to play in the first half as they responded to everything that Dallas threw at them. Cowboys were perfect on the offensive side of the ball as they moved the chains and got some big plays, especially with that Ezekiel Elliot 56-yard Touchdown run.


But, despite Dallas clicking on all cylinders on the offensive side of the ball, they struggled to keep Detroit out of the end zone. Three Touchdown drives are what Detroit was able to achieve in the first half as they even took a 21:14 lead.

That was enough for the Cowboys to turn it up on both sides of the ball. Dak Prescott was on the money, while the defense stepped up in the second half as Detriot wasn’t able to put up a single point on the board in the second half. It was 28 unanswered for the Cowboys as they won their 13th game of the season.

They will be playing in Philly on the final day of the regular season before taking a break during the Wild Card weekend. On the other hand, the Lions are getting ready for the biggest game of the year for them as they will host the Packers next week in a duel for the divisional title.