Rex Ryan’s Days Are Numbered In Buffalo

Rex Ryan is known as a defensive wizard and one of the best minds on the defensive side of the ball that NFL has to offer. He made it to the AFC Championship game as a head coach of the New York Jets, but this will be the sixth straight year that his teams won’t make the Playoffs.

Last year, the Buffalo Bills were expected to have one of the best defenses in the NFL, but they just fell flat. They made some improvements this season, but never really played well for more than three or four games in a row. Their consistency was their biggest problem during this campaign and Bills’ head coach will pay for that at the end of the year with his job.

On Saturday, they were facing the Dolphins, the squad that is going to participate in the 2016 NFL Playoffs after beating the Bills. They also might be the team that has put the final nail in the coffin of Rex Ryan.

Buffalo had only 10 players on the field during Jay Ajayi’s crucial 57-yard run. Rex took the blame for that as he said that it was his fault and that he should have done better. A guy that prides himself on defense and is a head coach in the NFL just because his defensive tactics should never allow such run to happen, especially not because he failed to put enough men on the field.

The Rex just needs to go. This squad is looking to make the Playoffs, and it’s clear that Rex Ryan is not going to get them there. Bills are competitive under him, but just not quite good enough for the postseason.