Should Dallas Cowboys sign Colin Kaepernick and why?

MMQB: 10 Things Podcast always bring something great to the show, and it hasn’t disappointed us this time either. Andy Benoit used this podcast to talk about Colin Kaepernick, and he did that by praising Colin’s activism, but he also had a few (bad) things to say about his play on the field lately. In the over two hours long podcast he explained why he thinks that Colin and Dallas need each other badly and we have brought you only the highlight of that talk, the entire two-hour podcast will be made available to you below the post.

Here is a quick summary. Andy stated “We’ve talked Kaepernick on this show before, and I’m sure people believe that I have a vendetta against Kaepernick and whatever. I like him, I’m fine with him, I don’t like his style of play, I don’t think it fits many NFL offenses. But in Dallas’s case, where they have concerns at their No. 2 quarterback; Kellen Moore didn’t play as well as they wanted in the preseason, I think Kaepernick would be an excellent fit as a backup.”

He continued by saying “I do think there’s a place in the NFL for Colin Kaepernick. It has to be on a team that would be conducive to letting him run around, and with Dallas having such a good offensive line, Kaepernick’s unrefinement in the pocket—and he’s badly unrefined—it becomes not only less of an issue, it’s much less of an issue, he has a clean pocket to play from now, but it gives him a chance to get refined and learn and get better.”

Apparently, Andy thinks there are some good sides to Kaepernick, and he claimed “…the beauty of Kaepernick is that he gives your running game the same thing Prescott does, which is the threat of the quarterback running. So read-option is an obvious example of that, you have to account for the quarterback in read-option. But what Dallas does, because they’re an outside zone-running team, they incorporate their play-action and bootleg game in such a fashion that the back-side defensive end must have eyes on the quarterback no matter what. So there’s no back-side pursuit against Dallas’s running plays, because what if they didn’t hand the ball off to the running back, and what if the quarterback kept it and went around the edge? You get that with Prescott, that’s why he’s valuable to Dallas. You would get that exact same effect with Kaepernick”.

Andy definitely confirmed that after all being said Kaepernick is a sure fit for Dallas and he continued “I think there are 15 to 20 backup QBs better than Kaepernick, Kellen Moore is not one of them. Kaepernick would fit what Dallas wants to do. If they’re making a real football decision, they should go sign him as a No. 2, but I don’t think they will.”


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