Why Enzo Amore Is Not A Good Challenger For Neville

Source: mundodeportivo.com

There were rumors swirling around that Enzo Amore is going to either go down to the NXT brand or will make his debut on a 205 Live show as a part of the Cruiserweight Divison. He had some backstage heat on him and probably still has, but he is way too popular and way too important to the casual fans that they just really can’t cast him aside. The fact of the matter is that he does move the merch for the company, which is always something that WWE will appreciate.

The writers have done him no favor by booking him to always get beaten up by others and really not get a lot of offense. Now, he is going to be challenging for the Cruiserweight championship in the division that is supposed to be easier. But, he doesn’t even look good enough to be in a title match in the 205-pound limit. On the other hand, he is going to be facing a guy that is looking like he could easily hang in the regular division, against every single superstar on the roster.

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Neville looks credible to be the IC champion while Enzo Amore doesn’t really look like somebody that can pose a threat to anyone as he has been booked to be weak over the past year. That is why Neville shouldn’t be fighting Amore.

The WWE is going to put him in this position because they want to strike while the iron is hot with Amore and while him moving to 205 Live is still big news. But, he is not going to take the title away from Neville. The guy that should do that eventually is Cedric Alexander.