Dallas Cowboys To Host Future Super Bowl


Everyone knows what is the most popular sport in the US, it is football with a large margin over any of its competitors. With that being said, it is clear that one of the most prestigious things that one franchise could get is the opportunity to organize the Super Bowl. Can Dallas host another final game like it was the case with the 2010 season and Super Bowl XLV?

It was reported that both New Orleans and Phoenix would be in the run to host one of the future duels and Stephen Jones was asked if there are plans for the Cowboys to submit a bid. AT&T Stadium wasn’t one of the contenders for the organization of the biggest game of the season in the last few years, and hopefully, this will change.


Here is what Jones said: “It’s a competitive situation, I will say that. With all the new stadiums that have come on, certainly, everybody should have those opportunities. And then you mix in the destinational-type bidders, who traditionally are where fans like to go take vacations or like to get away — whether that’s South Florida, Southern California, New Orleans, Phoenix. Obviously, those are places that are tough to compete against.”

We completely understand what Executive Vice President of Cowboys franchise talks about as Los Angeles and Las Vegas will soon have all new and shiny stadiums while Atlanta just finished their new home. Even knowing that Jones says that Cowboys organization will definitely try and bring Super Bowl back to AT&T arena. Hopefully, we will again have the opportunity to witness the biggest game in Dallas.

According to Jones, this is quite competitive business, in terms of organizing the biggest game and everything else that comes with the burden of leading one of the biggest sports franchises. It is said that they will continue to work on attracting future games to their stadium and that they are not giving up on this idea.