Could Dallas Cowboys Trade for Earl Thomas?

Earl Thomas wants to play for the Dallas Cowboys, and that is the fact. In Week 16, Seattle Seahawks met with Dallas and lost 21-12. Just a few moments after the game Thomas, who is one of Seattle’s best defenders went to the Cowboys’ locker room to let them know that he wanted to play for the team that has a star on the helmet.

However, in the interview he gave to the press, Thomas said that he didn’t want to play for any other team after he had left Seattle – whenever that happened.

“I don’t mean like ‘come get me now,’ ” he said, via Jori Epstein of The Dallas Morning News. “I’m in the prime of my career. I still want to be here but when Seattle kick me to the curb, please — the Cowboys — get me. This is the only place I’d rather be if I get kicked to the curb.”

With this move, Thomas showed that he wanted to leave Seattle. If their mutual relationship wasn’t harmed before his running in the Dallas’ locker room, it was after that. This man also showed that even if he stays with the Seahawks, he has already stepped through the door with one foot and he is just waiting for Dallas to drag him out. Will they do it?

Thomas has only played for Seattle in his entire career, but perhaps it is time for him to move on. He was drafted in 2010 as the 14th overall pick, and he proved his worth big-time. He has been a three-time First Team All-Pro as well as a Pro Bowler for six times, and he would be an excellent addition to the Dallas roster because they need a competent and experienced safety. Of course, Dallas’s Jeff Heath, Kavon Frazier, and Xavier Woods are not on Thomas’ level. He would bring so much to the team, and one of the things is winning mentality and Super Bowl experience.

Thomas is a part of the Legion of Boom, and despite the fact that Seattle’s defense is not as dominant as it was several years ago, it is still a unit opposing teams hate to play against. Meanwhile, the Orange, TX native has had 642 tackles in his career, 66 pass breakups 11 forced fumbles and 25 interceptions. Moreover, this man has recorded five fumble recoveries as well as four defensive touchdowns, which is just spectacular.


And while Thomas’ contract terminates at the end of 2018 season, but Seattle will not let their safety walk away in free agency. They will ask something in return, so the best option for the Seahawks is to trade him. The Cowboys could trade players such as Byron Jones with the addition of some draft picks to secure Thomas. It would take little time for the player such as Thomas to get used to the system, plus Dallas wouldn’t need to wait seasons for him to develop. He is already a tremendous player, and his impact would be huge, immediately.

Even if Dallas gave away some picks, they would still have enough to fill out the empty spots on the roster. With Thomas in the mix, Cowboys would get a chance to focus on some other positions on the draft, and in 2018 they could have a strong secondary, assuming that the young players from this season grow! Another reason why Thomas should sign with America’s Team is that he is from Texas! His dream must have been to play for the Cowboys, and we are sure that Dallas would be happy to have him on the roster!

What do you think – could Earl Thomas replace the bird with a star?