Dallas Earns Big Win Over The Tampa Bay Bucaneers


After losing to New York just a week ago and with the Giants slowing down Detriot for a big home win, the Dallas Cowboys needed to respond in a big way against the team that was coming into this Week 15 as the winner of six straight games. It wasn’t an easy task for a pair of rookie stars in the backfield.

Dak Prescott was unable to move the ball with efficiency in the past two Cowboys’ games, but he stepped up versus this Bucs defense. He went 32/36 for 279 yards with no touchdown passes but with no picks as well. He did have 20 rushing yards and one TD run in the second quarter.

Elliot was also good for 153 rushing yards and a touchdown on 23 carries. He was again dominant behind a dominant offensive line. The MVP case is there for this man.

Dallas had the lead in the first half, but Tampa Bay took it over behind a strong performance in the third quarter. Cowboys’ defense was a bit exposed in the third period, and it didn’t look good for the Cowboys.


Strong performance on the defensive side of the ball in the final quarter of the game was enough for Dallas to turn the match back around and win the duel with three field goal kicks.

They are now only one win away from clinching the top spot in the NFC and their division. The only way that they lose this division and the top spot is if they lose both of their last games while the Giants win two of their last contests.