Dallas runs out of time as Giants earn themselves a huge win


This was a much anticipated game for more reasons than one. It was a debut for both Dallas’ Quarterback Dak Prescott and Running Back Ezekiel Elliot, it was the return of Giants’ Wide Receiver Victor Cruz and of course, its a heated rivalry between the New York Giants and the Dallas Cowboys.

Dak Prescott showed some flashes of good play just like Elliot, but they failed to convert in the end zone as they were stopped multiple times in the red zone by Giants defense. Cowboys’ defense was destroyed in the first half, but they were trailing just by 3 points because the time of possession was on their side.

Their defense stepped up in the second half as they allowed only 7 points. Those came on a Victor Cruz Touchdown catch and that ended up being the game-winning scoring play.

Dallas got the ball back with just over a minute left on the clock and they needed to get in a field goal range. After couple of plays made by Prescott, Cowboys at the center of the field with no timeouts remaining and only 6 seconds on the clock. They needed to either get in field goal range and run out of bounds or attempt a deep throw towards the end zone.


Williams caught the pass from Prescott but he forgot to get out of bounds in order to stop the clock so the time ran out and Giants won this big rivalry game. Giants looked decent on offense, but Cowboys running game and clock management prevented them of putting up more points.

At the end, Cowboys just ran out of time as Williams wasn’t even thinking about running out of bounds and he just wasn’t paying attention to the situation that Cowboys were in. That was costly for ’Boys. It cost them a chance to get the win. Instead, they have to try and stomack this tough 20:19 loss on their home turf to their division rival.