Dan Bilzerian Caught In The Las Vegas Shooting – What He Did?


If you take a look at the Dan Bilzerian‘s Instagram account, you will immediately notice that he loves guns, hot looking girls, spending money and training. It is all great and fantastic looking in a controlled environment, but what happens when a guy like this happens to be in Las Vegas Shooting, a real scary situation.

We could hear Instagram superstar many times talking about his skill, and as he said before, his biggest fear is that he won’t be able to decide what gun to use if someone breaks into his home. This comment was attached to a picture that showed huge arsenal that he has stored in one of his mansions. On top of that, we know of a video game, Dan Bilzerian official, where you are shooting zombies, but again, what happens in a real-world situation.

You certainly already heard about Las Vegas shooting in which Stephen Paddock killed 58 and injured more than 500 people, and it seems that Dan was in the middle of the biggest US massacre. Well, Bilzerian was in the center of that, and he decided to turn on his camera and film himself trying to grab a gun. In a short video, he also said: “I’m f** headed back… Saw a girl get shot in the face right next to me, her f** brains hanging out.”


This is not all as he made few more clips and in the next one, we can see him standing right in front of police car. He added: “Um, they got one of the guys. I’m headed back. I don’t think there’s much I can do.” This video has been shared all over the Internet, and he faced many critics.

Many commented that he should do more and try to help out people as he was already there and he is always bragging about his deadly powers and the fact that he trained for a Navy SEAL. To be honest, he didn’t become one, but still, he should have plenty of training to help out others in need.

There were no statements from Bilzerian himself on this, but he did claim that he helped injured women during all this chaos. In a short interview with People, we did get little bit more info as Dan said that he was on the stage of Route 91 Harvest festival when Paddock started shooting from the 32nd story of the hotel. He commented being calm but really did run to safety. Also, he noted that his actions and the fact that he helped an injured woman wasn’t anything heroic.


What do you think Dan Bilzerian should do in that situation? Is he the same person as the one he claims to be on Instagram?