Daniel Bryan Giving Hints Of Returning To The Ring?

Source: Skysports.com

At this very moment, WWE is trying to push Roman Reigns as the next top guy in the company. He should have taken Cena’s spot a long time ago, but the experiment that they are doing right now with him is not succeeding. Little did they realize that Daniel Bryan was that guy before Reigns as he still has the best reactions out of any crowd even though he is not an active performer.

Daniel Bryan is one of the most over people in the wrestling world. Everybody likes him and wants to see him come back. The doctors around the United States have cleared him to make his return as they deem him more than ready to wrestle. But, the WWE doctors are the ones that are not allowing him to go again. He was still under the contract with the company when he found that out which forced him to retire.


Now, he still has a year under his deal, and he has given out a lot of hints that he might leave the company after it expires and wrestle for other promotions. There is no doubt that doing something like that would shake up the wrestling world. Somebody recently made a comment on his hairstyle and here is what he said about it.

“We don’t need to talk about why I’m growing my hair out. It may or may not be because I want to Apuestas matches in Arena Mexico. It may or may not be that.”


This is not the first hint that he has sent out over the past couple of months. He has even challenged the Ring of Honor champion to a battle if he is still holding the belt at the end of his run with the WWE. Who knows, we might see him out of the company in one year’s time.