Daniel Bryan Will Have A Role At Clash Of Champions PPV

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The only interesting thing that happened on Smackdown Live was delivered by Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn as they were doing something new and intriguing. WWE has highlighted this feud and these two Superstars after the Survivor Series, which is the way to go for sure. Owens and Sami have a nice potential as heels, and the company needs to make them legit and feature them in interesting segments.

Last night, they started the “Yep” movement, which they decided to start because of Daniel Bryan’s “Yes” movement back in the day. Bryan has been the one that has protected them from Shane McMahon and who enabled them to keep their jobs. In his honor, they started the Yep movement in order to turn the locker room against Shane.

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They called him the worst of all of the McMahons and somebody that is trying to rule the brand without any boundaries. He even named himself the special guest referee in the tag team clash between Zayn and Owens and Nakamura/Orton. In the eyes of the heel duo, McMahon did that in order to cost them the match, but also them to lose their jobs and to make these guys look like fools.

Bryan really didn’t try to argue with that, but he didn’t just want to stand on their side and agree with them. To even up the odds for their match, he named himself as the second guest referee in the fight, making this battle at the Clash of Champions more interesting.

A thing to watch here is how will Bryan interact with Shane and the competitors in the ring as well as what kind of storyline will this match create going into the Royal Rumble event in January.