Daniel Bryan Wrestling Again?

Source: screenertv.com

Nobody in the company was quite over with the crowd in the past couple of years like Daniel Bryan was at the peak of his career. CM Punk did come close, and he is a close second, but the reactions that Daniel Bryan got from the fans were screaming that he is the clear-cut top babyface in the organization. While the WWE is trying to make Reigns a top face, there is no doubt that they had that in the American Dragon.


Injuries didn’t miss this man, and they cost him his career. Even though there are doctors that cleared him to get back in the ring and wrestle again, the fact of the matter is that WWE’s doctors haven’t cleared this guy and that is why he was forced to retire. He can always go and wrestle somewhere else, but not until late 2018 as he is still under the contract with WWE.

That is good for the company as there is no doubt that Bryan wrestling somewhere else would get a lot of people talking about that promotion and all the stuff outside the WWE. When his deal is up, there is a chance that doctors do clear him just because of the fact that the company doesn’t want to let go of him.

The company will have to really think about the moves that they’ll need to make with Daniel Bryan when his contract expires as he still does want to get back to the ring. Here is what he said about the topic of him getting back wrestling after his deal is over.


“So it all depends on how I feel my health is and how my wife feels my health is. If we feel like my health is good – I would love to wrestle and I’m gonna go wrestle. There’s good reason to believe that I should be able to wrestle so we’ll see in a year and a half what happens.”