Daniel Bryan Wrestling Outside Of WWE?

Daniel Bryan was the one guy that could have replaced John Cena at the top of the ladder in the WWE. Nobody was over with the crowd as much as Daniel Bryan was in the past decade besides probably Cena himself. It’s a big question even if crowd reactions that Cena had in the past could top what Bryan was getting.

He suffered a lot of injuries in the last couple of years, with some of them being related to his head. That is why the WWE doctors don’t want to clear him to wrestle, even though a lot of experts that he went to did give him the green light to get back in the ring. He has retired last February and is now the GM of the Smackdown Live.

But, there was a segment on this week’s Talking Smack Show in which Bryan hinted that he is going to be wrestling when his contract expires next year, but it’s not with the WWE as he is not cleared there.

Source; wanderingeyes.weebly.com

Bryan has had this mini-feud with The Miz in which they are going back and forth with each other. Miz is always throwing some shade at Daniel Bryan and attacking him for not wrestling with the company anymore. This is all a storyline of course, but there is no doubt that when Bryan speaks, there is some truth to it. This is not the first time that Talking Smack had some of those “shoot” moments as The Miz already cut a great promo there.

This week he again poked Bryan for not wrestling anymore for the company. He said that he hurt his head and that he can’t get back to the ring because of that. Bryan responded with: “I can’t or they won’t let me? We’ll see in a year and a half.”

As we already said, his deal is expiring next year, and there are reports that he is interested in wrestling with the New Japan Pro Wrestling. This is an interesting news that is going to get pretty interesting next year as we are getting closer to the expiration date of his deal.