Dark Horse NFC Team For A Super Bowl Run?

Source: rollingstone.com

Before the season starts, a lot of people will be talking about the Atlanta Falcons, Green Bay Packers, Seattle Seahawks, Dallas Cowboys and some other teams as the prime candidates to make it to the Super Bowl and represent the NFC in the biggest game of the year. But, we are here today to tell you about the dark horse team that not many people are going to mention, but that can very well make a big run at the Super Bowl title. That team is the New York Giants.

It is amazing how they went from being one of the worst defenses in the league over the last couple of seasons to one of the best, and arguably the best defense in the second part of 2016. Eli Apple and Janoris Jenkins have been great for that secondary which had very few bad moments last year. The worst game that they had was the one against the Packers in the Wild Card round, but the offense failed to show up in that match. It is not their fault that they lost. The Giants are one of the strongest teams on that side of the ball, and we expect them to be one of the best squads in the league again in 2017.

Source: nydaily.com

What can make a difference this season is that offense that became much more deadly with the arrival of Brandon Marshall. He has been one of the best receivers in the NFL for a very long time now and is a perfect guy to have alongside Odell Beckham Jr. When you add Sterling Shepard to that wide receiver core, you get three guys that are going to do a lot of damage to any defense in the league. If Manning can have a good season, they will be really tough to handle.