Ron Howard Posting Clues About the Han Solo Movie


Since June, when he started directing the Han Solo movie, Ron “Opie-Wan Kenobi” Howard has been tempting the fans of the Star Wars saga with his tweets. So far, he has shared a photo of his feet, of a parody coffee mug and a video (now deleted) of himself on the set throwing away some trash.

And fairly speaking, he did provide us with some fascinating insights, like a colorful wardrobe of a certain character, or Chewbacca checking a shot.

However, on Wednesday, Howard posted on his Twitter an image and a video from the Han Solo film. Not only the video is short, but it shows nothing but some parked cars on the set. However, the photo did make an impact on the fans leading them into a craze.

In Howard’s picture, you can see a helmet worn Death Star troopers placed on some kind of a control panel. Maybe a control panel inside Death Star? And in case the Han Solo movie is set many years before the original film (1977 – Star Wars: A New Hope), then Death Star shouldn’t be fully functioning. In addition to that, Han doesn’t know of its existence before that movie.

Of course, we can interpret this in a number of ways if they actually want to feature the famous ultimate weapon in the movie. Perhaps this was something of a preview, a Death Star model. Another possibility is that it was given a different name? But there is no way someone would do that.

Smart move by Howard as he allowed fans to use their imagination since the caption of the photo was just “The Empire Looms Large.”

Fans, embrace yourselves, as the Han Solo movie will be premiered in cinemas 25 May 2018.