David Beckham Looks Awful In King Arthur


David Beckham is definitely one of the world’s most handsome men, and everyone knows him for his successful soccer career, but he is also a model. Interestingly enough, the former Manchester United star played the cameo role in King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword and he looks awful. If you wonder why is that, you should ask Charlie Hunnam who portrays King Arthur, as he is the reason.

Hunnam told Graham Norton: “That was down to me. I walked onto set and said, ‘I think you should check the contract. I have to be the most handsome man on set. Old Becksy’s not going to work for me.’ So that’s what we did to him.”

Although the conversation about David Beckham and his appearance in the movie were casual, just tête-à-tête, Guy Ritchie talked about it further, and he revealed details why the popular soccer player was the part of the crew. As it turns out, these two are neighbors, and their kids go to the school together, whereas Guy and David go to the same pub and gym.

People talk, so they probably mentioned the movie during the conversation and as Guy Ritchie said: “One thing led to another.” All of a suddenly, David Beckham is in the role of Trigger, a guard who just oversees the attempts to remove the Excalibur from the stone.

However, the movie has been released last week, but it had a rough start when we talk about box office. So far, it has earned only $34,8 million, and the majority of the critics are not so satisfied with the film. Rumor has it that Warner Bros. could eventually cough up around $150 million. You can watch the video below in which Charlie Hunnam talked about King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword on The Graham Norton Show, together with Guy Ritchie.