The Curse Of Oak Island Season 5 rumors: Show might be cancelled?!

Things aren’t looking good for fans of the dynamic duo known as ‘Lagina brothers.’ Unfortunately, there is no official word on The Curse Of Oak Island Season 5 and to add salt to the wound, there has been no word on whether if there is any kind of progress on the script. However, there is still some hope left since the previous season ended with a cliffhanger and on top of that, the season 4 also scored highest ratings since The Curse of Oak Island started airing.

The biggest hope that there will be Season 5 stems from the fact that Lagina brothers haven’t actually found anything significant treasure-wise. The main goal which is to reveal the 200-year-old treasure is still not accomplished. Marty and Rick still have that promise to keep, and therefore fans believe that there will be a renewal of this reality.

On the other hand, a real tragedy happened when Craig Tester (producer) lost his son. There is no doubt that everyone took a hit when that happened because many experts believe that the show simply won’t continue soon, at least not until this matter settles down. We are really sad, and Craig, you have our deepest condolences, and we think that you should take your time. Family always comes first, and you have our support!

Many sites and fans firmly believe that because of the tragedy of Craig Tester, the show won’t continue. Not even for another season. However, we don’t share the opinion since we think that Lagina brothers and showrunners won’t give up on us, it would be a huge disappointment if we were left with no answers to many questions about the mysterious island.

What do you guys think about this? Will we see another season of the show? Feel free to comment and stay tuned for more updates!