Shazam – The Rock’s Opinion on Its Star


Even though we are not even close to the release date of the movies Black Adam and Shazam, the Black Adam’s main star Dwayne The Rock Johnson gave some thought to the character of Captain Marvel. Namely, he wondered who might be the one to play this red-and-gold-suited hero.

He revealed who his choice would be in an interview with We Got This Covered. Dwayne mentioned he would say the name because he wanted to see what reaction the fans would have. One guy was quite thrilled to hear his choice, saying that he was a lot bigger than he had imagined. Furthermore, The Rock mentioned his idea to Hiram Garcia, the producer he had worked with for quite a long time and both of them took it into consideration. He said nothing to him but “Lone Ranger,” which was more than enough.

Obviously, he referred to Armie Hammer, whom we have seen in The Man From U.N.C.L.E. and the indie crime film named Free Fire. Hammer was also cast as Batman in George Miller’s abandoned film Justice League: Mortal from 2008.


Hammer is quite a good actor. Moreover, his work in the upcoming drama Call Me by Your Name is said to be considered as Oscar material. Apart from that, this actor has got what it takes to get a superhero role, or that is at least what Johnson thinks.

Our favorite wrestler turned actor added that he didn’t know whether he was interested or not and that even the studio didn’t know they had those conversations. He only remembered meeting him and getting an idea that he would look great as Shazam, but that there were still many others who could be taken into consideration.

Of course, these are only speculations, and nothing official has been confirmed yet. Nonetheless, DC and Warner Bros. will certainly be happy to hear Johnson’s suggestion, and we will be thrilled to see whether they took his advice or not.