David Irving Will Remain In Dallas According to His Agent

David Irving believes he will stay in Dallas. After Cowboys put a second-round tender on him, many thought that they are ready to ship him away. But, the player is assured that his future lies in Big D.

The fans were concerned that the Dallas franchise and Irving aren’t on the same page. It was expected that America’s Team is going to put a first-round tender on him. But when they assigned a second-rounder on him, many believed that this was Cowboys plea to other franchises to come and get him. Irving had some off-field issues and injuries in the past, but when healthy and focused he was very productive. Fans wanted him to stay in Texas and disrupt opponents in pair with DeMarcus Lawrence as they did last season.

The way things stand, Cowboys can match any offer another team makes for Irving. If they decide not to, they will be compensated with a second-round pick. Some analysts think that the front office might look to get that second rounder in order to trade for another player or to move up in the upcoming draft.

While fans and pundits are debating over this subject, David Irving and his agent Louis Bing aren’t as nearly worried for the future of this player in Dallas. Bing was quoted saying: ”It would have to make sense for him not to play out this year and get to free agency.”

So, Irving is ready to bet on himself. If he gets a satisfying deal from the Cowboys or any other team right now, he will sign it. If not, and Irving remains at Dallas, he has a chance to play out and make a claim for a long-term deal next year in free agency. Last season this man missed four games due to suspension and four more as a consequence of a concussion. Because of this other teams might be reluctant to offer him big money. And the player himself wants to play a full 16 game season because he believes that his stats would explode after a full season. In this scenario, the market would be huge for him next year.

From Cowboys perspective, another year to see what Irving is really made off would be ideal. If he stays healthy and entirely focused on the field, they would be more than eager to offer him LTD.

According to Irving’s agent, he’s fully set on a return to Cowboys: “David has already signed a one-year lease on a new residence. He’s outfitting the garage with a gym and sauna, part of preparing for the upcoming season.” Irving is also willing and will partake in voluntary workouts starting in Dallas next week.

All in all, David is set to stay in Dallas, unless some other team decides to hit him with a bag of money.