Deadpool 2 – 15 Biggest Concerns


Deadpool became one of the most popular movies, and no-one actually saw that coming. What makes this film even more successful is the fact that they managed to create it with a minimal budget and now the second iteration is supposed to arrive. Deadpool 2 initially seems like a good idea, with Ryan Reynolds who has finally reached the legitimate movie star status, but there are some obvious concerns about the sequel.

15. The Shock Aspect

In the original Deadpool, nobody really expected to see the superhero being all sarcastic and funny and the team used the R-rating to make people laugh. Now, with the Deadpool 2, the audience knows what to expect from our hero, and they will not be surprised by his behavior.

14. Too Many Characters?

Deadpool is a hero who doesn’t need support, but you cannot really avoid adding other characters to the story. Two large characters that will join the roster are Cable and Domino, and it will be exciting for fans to watch these on the silver screen. Some of the original cast will return such as Colossus, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, and Dopinder, so is that just too many?


13. No Tim Miller

There is one man who did so much for the first movie, and his name is Tim Miller, that is now gone. He found the perfect balance between action, non-linear stories, and jokes and he was definitely the perfect man for the job. The crew will have to steer the ship without him now, and hopefully, they will manage to pull this off.

12. David Leitch Directing Solo

David Leitch is new to directing, but he is believed to be the right man that will replace Miller. He made a fantastic movie called John Wick, but he had help in the form of Chad Stahelski, and now it remains to be seen what Leitch can do as a solo director.

11. Weak Villains

The MCU was never good at creating perfect villains and Deadpool was no different. It was natural in the first movie for the crew to focus on the origin on Deadpool and his character more than on the villains, but we would like to watch him go against a strong antagonist this time.


10. Actor Playing Cable

Choosing the perfect actor for Cable can be a tricky business, and we have no idea who that might be. Some of the possible choices are Pierce Brosnan, Kyle Chandler, David Harbour, Michael Shannon and Brad Pitt. It is important that they get this right, so who would you like to see in the role of Cable?

9. Sharing The Screen With Wade Wilson

It would be irresponsible to say that Ryan Reynolds is a bad co-star, but his character is huge, and he is present in almost every scene. In the first movie, Deadpool is the only character who made the impact, but besides him, no one else really had a chance to show off. Hopefully, Cable and Domino will not be just some irrelevant sidekicks, but they should not be in focus either and finding that balance can be tricky.

8. Love

In the first film, Deadpool’s romance with Vanessa was an important aspect of the story, but it is a bit unusual to see that because it is Deadpool we are talking about. In the comics, he changes his partners and is never attached to one, and this is an important character trait the producers should keep in mind for the upcoming movie.


7. World Building

It is too early to comment on the plot and the story of the sequel, but hopefully, it will not turn out to be one of those superhero movies in which the main character saves the whole humankind. The studio is preparing an X-Force movie in which we will see Deadpool, Cable, and Domino together, but the producers should not get carried away with Deadpool 2 because it might ruin its reputation.

6. Logan

Logan is a successful, thoughtful and moving superhero movie and this may be an issue for Deadpool 2. The Deadpool franchise has linked itself to the character of Wolverine, and the powerful nature of Logan will be fresh in people’s mind and they might think of this film as childish.

5. Sequel Expectations

Building on the first part which turns out to be more than great is always a double-edged sword because the second iteration might not live up to the expectations. Many franchises are ruined because of a poor sequel and some that avoid that destiny are The Dark Knight and Spider-Man 2. In what way will the producers cope with this issue?


4. New Elements

Deadpool 2 will be similar to the first film in some segments, but what is new that can be added to the movie? Usually, the characters grow and develop, but can this be the case with Wade Wilson? This is a unique role and changing him could only cause problems. Focusing on jokes might be the solution.

3. Reynolds’ Spotty Record

Reynolds’ track record is not flawless and there is no consistency in quality. He might be perfect for the role of our favorite superhero, but who can guarantee that he will do such a great job in the second movie as well? His most infamous misfire is Green Lantern, and his filmography is a rollercoaster ride.


2. Stepping Up

We have already mentioned the expectations of the audience now that they have to compare it to the original. This is why Deadpool 2 needs to step up in every segment, and the bar needs to be set even higher. They will have a bigger budget now, and they should use it the best way possible. This movie needs to show why the franchise should continue.

1. Deadpool’s personality

Deadpool’s personality is one of the reasons why the movie is great, but this too can be the reason why the next one could fail. Maintaining such a large character is not easy, and it can be fun for a while, but it may as well become boring to the audience. This is probably not going to happen with Deadpool 2, but it is just something to keep in mind.