Deadpool 2 – Fans Petition For Quentin Tarantino To Direct It

Recent reports suggest that there has been a petition circling around which has one purpose – lobby for Mr. Tarantino to direct the sequel of Deadpool. This has been started apparently due to the fact that Deadpool director Tim Miller exited the sequel because he had a lot of creative differences with the lead actor Ryan Reynolds. The petition so far has more than 1.700 signatures according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Carl Champion Jr., who started this petition stated that “If there was ever a chance to see Tarantino do a project almost guaranteed to make a billion dollars, this is it.” He also added “We got a great taste of what this could be like in Kill Bill, but imagine having a guy like Tarantino write dialogue for ‘The Merc with the Mouth’! It would be so glorious. Join me!”. What is exactly going to happen here nobody knows! Maybe the “creative differences” between the current director and the lead actor might get resolved, or there is a slight chance to see Tarantino accepts and actually directs the sequel of a smash hit movie that was Deadpool.

The harsh reality, unfortunately, is that there is a very slim possibility that Tarantino will accept to direct this R-rated, anti-superhero sequel, but fans of his work can only hope. Just imagine how much fake blood would Tarantino use in the new film which is without any doubt going to be a record-breaker, according to The Hollywood Reporter. It could reach many of the best movies ever regarding box office numbers, so the studio needs to be careful do it right.

There is still one more thing. Reynolds, without whom the Deadpool character wouldn’t be what it is, has to accept and “click” with Tarantino and must not repeat the “creative differences” problem like with the previous director. All in all, and whatever happens, the Deadpool 2 is going to come definitely, there is too much of a fan base to disappoint them all, and it would be a shame to let the popularity of the first part be wasted.