New York Jets vs. Cleveland Browns – Week 8 Picks And Predictions

Browns are still the team that hasn’t won a single game so far. They have a great chance of winning their first against New York on Sunday. They won’t have many better shots at winning a game than this one. Will they make it, or will the Jets start a mini-streak with two wins in a row?

Geno Smith is done for the season with torn ACL. That most likely means that Jets are back with Ryan Fitzpatrick. He was pretty good when he took over from Geno. Now, they need him to forget about that horrible start of the season in order to bounce back. Browns are a bad team, and he needs to use this matchup to get into the rhythm and make some plays that will boost his confidence and regain the squad’s trust.

Browns offense is far great while Jets defense needs some confidence boosting. Nobody really expected this team to be as bad as they have played so far. Defense is one of the biggest reason for this abysmal Jets start. While they might not be an elite team, we sure did expect a lot more from them.

Browns are just depleted at all position. At this point, they would be happy with one or two wins. We can’t say that they will even win one game this year.

We are picking the Jets in this one. Fitz will continue with decent play and will make some steps towards redemption this season. Browns are not to be trusted, and New York will win it 26:16.