YouTube expert examines accuracy and authenticity of WW1 weapons in Battlefield 1

Questions arise as DICE, the maker of one of the best online games, Battlefield, uncovered Battlefield 1 that is revolving around World War I. People are intrigued about how the developer will be able to bring into play this ambitious shooter game using a period in history when infrareds, lasers, and nukes are yet nowhere to be found. It is indeed a major challenge for this company to develop a computer game based on the pitiful setting of World War I at least in terms of weapons.

Critics are doubtful that DICE will be able to pull this game through successfully. Will they be rendering this one as close to reality as possible, or will they be taking the chance to make the game more appealing to gamers who have found enjoyment in those explosive graphics of previous games set in a later period? Reviewers were led to ask all of these questions.

A certain YouTuber was asked to provide his opinion on the matter. Best known by the name Othias as he chooses not to reveal his true identity. This man presents on his YouTube channel videos of popular ammunition in the world, including what has been used in that period. He is also writing a book about each service weapon utilized in the World War I. Judging from the nature of his work, perhaps he is indeed the right person to give his viewpoint on Battlefield 1’s gaming strategy.

The Russian Imperial Army often deployed battalions that had more soldiers than rifles. These soldiers, in many cases, had to use bare arms to win the battle, and only “lucky” few had the opportunity to carry real weapon.

That, however, wouldn’t make an appealing and exciting online game. Hence, DICE had embellished the arsenal with a few classifications of the automatic pistols. There is an entire collection of these submachine guns, but Othias said that these were uncommon in the first world war.

Rocket launchers are inevitable in the Battlefield. However, that was far from the reality of that time. There is a similar item which World War I armies employed in the battle, but it was never as impressive as the real rocket launcher.

The interactive game received applause from Othias about its representation of shotguns. The iconic Winchester 1897 “trench gun” had been a popular item in the arsenal. Germany had even tried to force America to ban this weapon, and that was the period when the mustard gas was utilized for the first time.

The famous Lewis gun really had caught Othias attention in the game. It ruined Battlefield 1’s authentic presentation of World War One when he discovered that it allowed successfully shooting an enemy while moving and “from the hip”. He argued that the weapon was too heavy for a soldier to fire while on the move. It is possible, but you had the feeling you were pushing the car uphill because of its brutal recoil.

He also criticized the gaming company for placing a wide range of sniper rifles in the game. This definitely was not present in the actual war as optics were a rare sight. But his greatest frustration is that this game looks like a merely customized version of Battlefield 4. DICE seem to have gone overboard on their weaponry when they added items which were never used in the actual World War 1.