Deadpool 2 news regarding filming start date

As you already know, Deadpool was one of the most successful stories in the entire 2016. But as these things usually go, there must be a bump or two in the road. These bumps for Deadpool 2 have been covered in our previous article, and they regard a Deadpool’s director leaving this story because he had a “creative differences” with the lead – Ryan Reynolds.

But do not despair, Fox isn’t going to allow all of it to go to waste because of that. They have already found a suitable replacement or two, and they will not certainly sit on this decision process for too long. Why, you may ask? Well, we received info from a website that tracks what’s filming in Vancouver, and according to reports Deadpool 2 is eager to start shooting as soon as the new year begins. The aforementioned website – What’s Filming – keeps track of all the film and television productions that are currently in production and/or are about to start and among those titles, Deadpool is the most notable one. If we assume that their list is actually correct, Deadpool 2 is supposed to start filming early January 2017. What is bad here is that this is just a couple of months away which doesn’t give the new director enough time to prepare himself. But if they choose right one maybe he wouldn’t need all that time anyways.

Don’t let us scare you in any way by this. When the new director takes the reins so closely to production start, it doesn’t necessary have to mean a disaster. The best example is the movie Ant-Man and Mr. Edgar Wright leaving it, which is the most recent event. Some may say, though, that Wright’s version of the film would have been better for a long run but Peyton Reed (new director) picked up the baton and delivered more than decent entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Yes, Reed used a lot of Wright’s story board’s and themes, but he added a lot of his own such as the fight with Falcon. Thus we have to say that there is no reason why the same thing wouldn’t happen for Deadpool 2.

Deadpool has suffered a lot of turned backs such as producers and most recent Junkie XL, the composer of the film, who left nearly immediately after Tim Miller. But this will not make a huge impact on the whole project because 20th Century Fox is already on the hunt for replacements for Miller. Among those that are mentioned, we have names such as John Wick’s David Leitch (currently at the top of the list) and The Martian’s Drew Goddard and Banshee’s Magnus Martens. We believe that this all will turn out good and that the Deadpool 2 project will not suffer because of that. We all hope for the best as we await the release date in 2018 which will definitely show if we were right or not.

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