Deadpool 2: The Reason for another Delay

After Tim Miller had left the “Deadpool 2” production, the movie development was rather slow. However, David Leitch has recently taken over the director’s seat, and some people speculate about the possibility of him implementing some new elements, particularly regarding T. J. Miller’s character, Weasel. The actor himself has expressed such desire saying: “I think, for me, I just want Weasel to wield a gun, at one point.” And the conclusion that this wish might be fulfilled is based on Leitch’s earlier movies (e.g. “John Wick”). In addition to these rumors, it has also been said that Leslie Jones might show in the upcoming film as a new cast member.

Despite the fact that everything seems to be back on track, it is still not certain that “Deadpool 2” will be released in two years’ time, as previously announced. What seems to be the main problem at the moment is the casting process. The showrunners are still trying to find the perfect match for two movie characters – Cable and Domino. The latter one may be portrayed by Australian actress Ruby Rose, but this is, again, only speculated about.

According to Screen Rant, the new installment should have more star power. Thus, the question of Leslie Jones taking part in the movie is raised. Jones says she would love to join the cast and make an appearance in “Deadpool 2”. Here’s what she said in her post: “I want to be in Deadpool. I could be smart mouth side kick. And my power would be loudness!!” In addition to this, she would possess some mutant abilities. This sounds interesting, don’t you think? However, some believe that there are already enough mutants in the Deadpool cast.

Deadpool 2 Release Date

As for the “Deadpool 2” premiere, the release date still cannot be predicted, especially after 20th Century Fox decided to make some changes in their calendar. We can only hope that some of the dates for which titles have not been revealed is reserved for this highly anticipated sequel.