Saints Row 5 Release Date: News and Update

Saints Row, highly popular game among players nowadays, has kept its reputation throughout the years. The first time this game was made public was back in 2002 when it momentarily pulled up the players from all around the world. Six years later, in 2008, Saints Row 2 was brought to light. The third installment was released in 2011 and the fourth one in 2013, along with its expansion “Gat out of Hell”, which was out in 2015. And one should bear in mind, all of these sequels were welcomed with great eagerness.

Saints Row 5 Release Date

If we follow the trend regarding the releases, the next sequel could be expected in two-years-time, i.e. in 2018. But it would be no surprise if the introduction would be delayed to either 2019 or 2024 since Volition and High Voltage Software have just commenced the game uprising. Saints Row 4 has recently been upgraded with another feature that allows players to customize their weapons and make unique details. This could signify that the next update is around the corner and that it will be Saints Row 5.

As Volition is keeping the new version behind the closed door, it is also difficult to predict what the new sequel will bring about. However, there are many areas in which Volition could make a significant improvement. Firstly, the missions are considered by many players to be dull, so the upgrades from the game developer in this area could be very useful. Also, the graphics are expected to be further improved as well as the battle missions.

What made Saints Row 4 so popular is the fact that its storyline was so peculiar and outlandish and it is expected that Saints Row 5 will continue to follow the same path. The game is said to be available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PCs. All in all, while speculating on the novelties of the next installment, let’s look forward to getting some announcements in the foreseeable future.