Deadpool 2: T. J. Miller Wants To Show Different Weasel

Deadpool 2” has gone through a rough time recently, especially after Tim Miller’s departure. The showrunners eventually found a replacement, so now David Leitch, known for “John Wick,” is at the helm of the upcoming sequel. Furthermore, it has been said that most of the former cast members will continue to work on the new installment, so we can say everything is back on track. One of the cast members, T. J. Miller, has recently talked about his hopes regarding the movie and his character Weasel in particular. He said: “I have been talking with Ryan Reynolds and the writers, and they’re really excited about [Deadpool 2]. I think, for me, I just want Weasel to wield a gun, at one point. But there’s more fun stuff coming.”

In the original movie, we saw Weasel working at Sister Margaret’s School For Wayward Children, a bar where mercenaries, Wade Wilson (portrayed by Ryan Reynolds) included, used to hang out. However, Weasel was not completely the same character in the film as he was in the comic book. While the comics portray Weasel as Deadpool’s close friend who takes part in the main character’s missions and works as an arms dealer, in the film, he is not that prominent. Most of the time, he is behind the bar, and we never see him wield a weapon, which is, again, not the case in the comics. Thus, T. J. Miller expressed his desire to see his character presented in a more accurate manner.

Bearing in mind that it is David Leitch who is in control of the movie production now, we may say that there is a great likelihood of fulfilling T. J. Miller’s wishes. For those of you who don’t know much about Leitch’s work, “John Wick,” for instance, has plenty of scenes with people who either wield or at least possess a gun, whether they really need it or not. So, it is possible that he will implement more such scenes in “Deadpool 2” as well.

What remains unanswered is the question of the sequel’s release date. There is only a presumption that the movie will be pushed back because Miller’s departure slowed down the pace of development. Even the cast crew is still not complete, so it might take a while before the premiere date is confirmed. What’s important for now is that the sequel itself has been confirmed. We’ll keep you updated.