Steelers Or Ravens – Who Wins The AFC North?

Two old rivals are tied at the top of the AFC North. It’s unlikely that Wild Card spot is going to come out from anywhere but the AFC West. Raiders, Chiefs, and Broncos are three teams that will likely represent that division in the postseason, which means that only the winner of the North will make the Playoffs.

Who will it be, the Steelers or the Ravens? Both of these squads are heading into Week 14 after big wins on Sunday, and both teams will have an opponent from the AFC East. Well, while the Steelers are visiting the Bills in Buffalo, Ravens will have a much tougher task in New England against Patriots.

Ravens have a much tougher schedule than the Steelers as they will face the Pats, Eagles, and Bengals, besides that one more meeting that these two rivals will have. Three of those four games are on the road.

Steelers have the Bills, Bengals, and Browns on their much easier schedule. But the deciding factor will be that match in Pittsburgh between the Steelers and Ravens. Mike Tomlin‘s team will host Baltimore at home, on their home turf and they are the big favorites in that duel.

Due to Ravens much tougher schedule and the remaining game between these two teams being in Pittsburgh, we are picking the Steelers to win this division and book their spot in the postseason. They are the better crew at the moment, and they will prove that in December.