Deadpool is there to fascinate one more time

A few years ago Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe was put out thrilling and chilling its audience. Cullen Bunn has presented his work to the world and received amazing reactions to it. The storyline revolves around an alternate universe in which Deadpool is on his quest to killing off every good guy and bad guy. This unusual story is what actually made everyone love it, and it reached its peak with Deadpool Kills Deadpool.

Throughout the years, Bunn has improved a lot as a writer but also the Marvel studio has gone through lots of changes. The characters of Deadpool were also susceptible to alternations and some new expressions. They were either improved or substituted with their alter takes. Wolverine found his replacement in his daughter while Deadpool himself was at first just a secondary character in X-Men only to become an Avenger hanging out with his buddy Spider-Man.

And another part of Deadpool is set to arrive. At the helm of a brand new project, we will be having Cullen Bunn in probably one of his best editions so far along with Dalibor Talajic working on art. The combination of these two is almost ready to amaze. The next project of Deadpool will be called: Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe Again. The costume and the character will remain the same, but everything else regarding the next chapter will be different.

A new bloodbath will be shown from a slightly different angle but what has been the very core of the movie will remain to some extent similar.

Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe Again will come out sometime in July. Stay tuned for further information.