Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson shows great taste in country music

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Although he has presented many versions of himself to the world, we would never picture Dwayne The Rock Johnson as someone with a taste for country music. But this man simply doesn’t cease to amaze.

After a while, there has been a lively discussion over who Texas Country’s best live acts are. And some people rebelled against the fact that Cody Jinks’s name wasn’t on that list. The discussion on this issue was fierce on the social media.

This is when Dwayne Johnson raised his voice on Twitter by saying:

“Yeah, if they know their roots, Texas Country is distinct,” he tweeted. “C[ody] J[inks] reminds me of a few acts I used to follow on Lower Broad in Nashville. Rare form.”

He then continued to mention Sturgill Simpson and Jamey Johnson, who are also country singers. We would never imagine Dwayne as a fan of country music, but his knowledge in that area of music is really opulent. He is well familiar with one of the biggest country stars like Willie Nelson and Johnny Paycheck, together with Chris Stapleton for instance.

This knowledge of his probably comes from the time he lived in Nashville where, according to his own words, he was “hangin’ out in honky-tonk dive bars on Music Row and hustlin’ cars from crackheads.”

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With his broad and extensive knowledge, along with his versatility for everything he sets his mind to, Dwayne Johnson is one of the favorite people in the whole world. Millions of his followers on a large number of social media are there to confirm his grand popularity.

His comments on country music will most likely incite his fans to turn to it, much more than before. This happens because his influence is so vast that he makes people absorb every word he says.

But now he also makes us want to hear him singing Drake White and Sturgill Simpson songs on Instagram. It wouldn’t be the first time to hear that beautiful voice of his on this social media.

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