Deadpool scene shooting spotted in Vancouver

Imagine walking down the street and suddenly seeing your favorite Deadpool character taking shots for the next sequel. Well, this time, Vancouver residents were given the honor as a few days ago either Ryan Reynolds or some of his doubles were hanging from the billboard.

The day before that we were able to see a promo shot featuring Zazie Beets. She is taking on a role of Domino in the next movie’s installment.

We can see Zazie lying on the floor with her black gloves on and plenty of weapons around the waist.
Deadpool has a similar shot to this one in fact. However, in his shot, he is lying on a rug. But in her shot, Zazie poses on Deadpool.

In Vancouver, Deadpool could have been seen hanging from a Hillside Amusement Park billboard.

He was attached to the upper part of the billboard by a harness. And of course, he was taking the scene in his recognizable outfit.

Apart from Deadpool on the billboard, several drones were spotted flying around.

As we already know, Reynolds is taking on a role of Wade Wilson, who is a brave and rather talkative antihero with remarkable in human powers such as rapid healing. The reason he is wearing his costume is due to his disfigured face which was a consequence of mutation.

Ryan Reynolds is married to Blake Lively and they have two daughters together. He married Blake soon after his divorce with Scarlet Johansson. They were in the marriage for two years before filling out divorce papers. In 2012 he married Blake in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. He enjoys his role of a father and he points out that quite often. He says that it is ‘the best thing that’s happened’ in one of his interviews.’I don’t take a second of it for granted.’ He also likes to add.