Deadpool’s Colossus Actor Talks About X-Men Universe, His Character


The comic book and superhero movie fans disagree about a lot of things, but they all agree that Deadpool was a fantastic film. The R-rated movie crushed the box office, and it has even amazed those fans who are not into comic books. Many characters had the fans buzzing in Deadpool, and one of them was Colossus.

Stefan Kapicic who plays Colossus spoke highly of him, and he is excited to return in Deadpool 2. However, he mentions the X-Men property that he feels would be a great fit for the talents of his character.

Kapicic said: “One of the things right now is well we thought there are so many amazing projects regarding X-Men….of course, you watched Legion. Those are some things that I’m really excited, and I was really surprised when – First of all, I’ve never thought that X-Men TV show could work. Especially because of the effects, because of like storylines and everything else. The movie, yes but the TV show…On the other side, I totally fell in love with Legion.”


He added: “It gets so clever, it gets so specific. The way it’s directed, the way the acting is there. For example, if you ask me what I would like to show up in… and I don’t know the rules between the studios or whatever, but like it at Fox. I would love to have a guest appearance in Legion or in a new X-men show as Colossus. Because I think that those kind of crossovers – it’s not a crossover because it’s the same role, it’s the same X-man. I think that that would be something like a new step to combine the film and TV show characters. Of course, you have a Marvel universe and you have Defenders now and you have like all those amazing shows, but I’m talking from my … like I say, Fox perspective.”

Stefan continued: “It would be perfect if you can combine characters just like Colossus to show up in Legion or in new X-men show with Steven Moyer I don’t know the name.”

Kapicic has a good point, and none of the superhero franchises have mixed the film and TV world yet. It seems that nothing like this exists in a world today and Kapicic wants to appear in an array of X-Men stories for a reason. He is a big fan of the work Fox is doing on the Marvel properties. Also, he was really amazed by Hugh Jackman’s performance in Logan, and he said this about the X-Men Universe:

“I’m grateful to be part of the X-Men family. I’m really grateful for it. Especially, as I said, as somebody not just an actor because there’s some actors that are just not into comic books, or they just look at these roles as like work or a job. For me it’s something much more. For me, it’s my most honest and truthful love that I’m raising from the moment that I know about myself is my love for comic books. That for my job, of course, which is acting.”

“This is something that just, for me, it’s got so many different meanings. It’s not just like a well-paid job or like you become famous, whatever. For me, this makes, as I’ve said, my inner child happy. That makes me alive and that makes me to wake up every single morning with a huge, big smile on my face,” explained Kapicic.

He also added: “Thank God and on the other side thank all those amazing directors and people that I worked with and such brilliant actors, because working alongside now with Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool team. I’m so feeling blessed and grateful that I have this kind of opportunity.”

Kapicic really gives his best when he plays Colossus and fans seem to love it. The Deadpool 2 is currently in the pre-production phase, and we cannot wait for the new film that will also introduce Cable and Domino.