Dean Ambrose Turning Heel Soon?

WWE announced that Dean Ambrose did have a partial tear in his triceps and that he is going to have to miss some time. We know that the procedure on his arm was successful and that he should be back to 100% in a couple of months. Well, since he is not on TV, how can the WWE plan his heel turn? Well, they set everything in motion during last night’s edition of Monday Night Raw.

Michael Cole stated that Ambrose is now going to have to miss nine months of action because of the injury. That, just like the story with Strowman’s injury this summer, was a lie. He is going to be back much earlier, probably even for Wrestlemania. And, when he comes back, what is he going to see?

He will find his partner Seth Rollins holding his tag team title with someone else. Jason Jordan and The Architect just won the belts from The Bar, and they are the new tag team champion. Ambrose will for sure not be happy. Even though Rollins will be right when he says that he didn’t plan that and he was actually just put in the title match, Ambrose is not going to care and is likely going to turn on Seth sooner rather than later.

This is actually a very nice thing that WWE did there. The story is going to make sense, and it will enable Ambrose to make a smooth comeback and be as important as he ever was on the main roster.

As far as Rollins goes, this is going to give him something to do, and it will also give him a legit Wrestlemania match with his former brother and enemy, Dean Ambrose.