Dwayne Johnson Involved In A Big Stunt Car Crash, Injury Report…


When you see what, and how this happened, you will be amazed to hear that Dwayne Johnson didn’t sustain any major injuries. That is yet another proof that the nickname, The Rock, is well deserved by this man.

We know how much time Dwayne spends in the gym doing all that workout so he could have the perfect physique. And when you are training hard all your life it is guaranteed that you will be stronger, and because of that, we think that the crash scene that we saw from Furious 7 wouldn’t cause too much damage to our favorite actor even if he had been involved in that one himself.


It is clear that this was all part of the movie and that Dwayne is doing just fine. After he smashed the windshield of the ambulance vehicle and got out, he only stretched for a little bit and continued his path of demolition everything that stands in his way.

The reason why he had to pull this insane stunt is to save his female co-stars that were chased by the hi-tech military drone that carries all kind of crazy stuff like minigun and missiles. In the end, we can see him pulling out his gun and firing a few bullets into the “face” of the bad guys.

The action-packed movie didn’t allow him to rest for much longer as he took the minigun and went on to eliminate more bad guys. But, probably the most interesting part of this scene is where Letty asks if he has called the cavalry and The Rock answers: “Woman, I am the cavalry.”

While we are sure that most people wouldn’t survive that horrific crash and the encounter with the drone it was just another day on the job for Dwayne The Rock Johnson.

In the end, injury report says: ambulance totaled, drone destroyed, The Rock live and well. Also, Agent Hobbs 1 – Bad Guys 0, and more pain coming their way.