Jerry Jones Says Dallas Cowboys Fans Shouldn’t Worry


Dallas Cowboys suffered a loss on Sunday to the Seattle Seahawks, and the Cowboys owner Jerry Jones expressed his disappointment. Although he didn’t expect this season to end as early as it did, Jones did let the Dallas fans know that they shouldn’t worry. This man is obviously an optimist, and he believes that the future will be bright for the team from Dallas, Texas.

He said: “I’m extremely excited about our future.”

The Cowboys failed to reach the playoffs due to a disappointing season. All this wouldn’t be too big of a deal if they haven’t been the division winners last year and went into the playoffs. However, Jones believes that the franchise is going to be a Super Bowl competitor in the years to come, but the facts are slightly different – the America’s Team haven’t won a championship for 23 years!


According to Jones, Jason Garrett is still the right man for the job. And yes, he is right – the fans shouldn’t worry. They should just forget about the fact that their team has managed to enter postseason only two times in the last seven years. Moreover, the Cowboys should have won a lot more games this year as they had a comfortable lead at the half of some of those. The two games in which Dallas had that kind of lead and scored more than 30 points were against the LA Rams and Green Bay Packers. And yet, they lost those.

Jones added: “I feel good about our head coach.”

And we have to ask – is Dak Prescott the right quarterback? In his rookie season, he was brilliant and although some people claim he has avoided his sophomore slump, is that entirely true? Prescott has tripled his interceptions this year, and he has failed to throw more than 200 yards in seven games.

Meanwhile, Jones said: “I’m excited about our future with Dak at quarterback.”


The problems don’t end here. Jones will have to accept the fact that Dez Bryant is no longer an elite wide receiver. The numbers support this claim as Bryant failed to deliver this season and couldn’t have a 100-yard receiving game. Furthermore, he didn’t score a touchdown in five consecutive games, and he has dropped the ball a lot this year.

“We have a lot of respect for all the good things that Dez brings,” Jones said. “He’s come a long way and made some serious positive contributions to the team.”

But the blame is not only on them. The entire Dallas team looked “uninterested” on the field, and Tyron Smith has been flagged five-times for holding, which is his career high, despite the fact that he missed several games with the injuries. Also, Sean Lee, as important as he is to the squad, cannot be seen as the bright light if he spends half of the season on the bench, recovering from an injury, while Dan Bailey posted a career-low field goal percentage.


Last but not least, the AT&T Stadium gave the Cowboys no advantage. The team has had a record of 3-5 at home while since the stadium opened in 2009, the Cowboys have had a 37-35 score.

“As far as the atmosphere for the Cowboys and as far as the facility itself, if facilities have anything to do with it, we ought to win more ballgames,” Jerry Jones said. “But we’re just going to have to look at what we’re doing on the field and continue to try to get better. I like some of the players, the talent that we’ve brought in. Young players on defense. I like our fundamentals on offense. None of that has changed from today. Frankly, I’m a little numb because the way we started, the good feeling, the uptick we had with Zeke coming back. All of that I thought that would rule the day today.”

The Cowboys ended this roller-coaster season, and it is best to finish it with Jones’ words: “We just got to get it done better.” Just that.