Dean Ambrose vs. Baron Corbin Looks Like An Intercontinental Championship Match At Wrestlemania 33

Everybody was wondering what will the Intercontinental Champion be doing at the biggest show of the year. Dean Ambrose really didn’t have a challenger before the Elimination Chamber PPV, and he was inserted into the chamber match for the WWE title. He didn’t win it, and nobody expected him to become a dual champion and a two-time WWE champion on that occasion.

The match itself gave us a hint at who will he be facing at Wrestlemania 33. It’s probably going to be Baron Corbin, who lost the battle because of Dean Ambrose roll up that eliminated the Lone Wolf after he went on a complete rampage on all the competitors. He delivered a couple of End Of Days moves, including a big one to John Cena. While he was waiting for the Miz to come out and enter the Elimination Chamber match, they booked him to be careless and turn his back to four superstars that were on the floor.

Dean Ambrose was the one that took the chance and pinned Baron Corbin with a roll up, a guy that was the most dominant superstar in the ring until that point. Of course, the Lone Wolf won’t be exiting the match quietly, and he just went berzerk on the Intercontinental Champion. He destroyed him and dragged that guy all over the chamber. In the end, he left the match, and the Miz pinned Ambrose.

They practically eliminated each other, and that cost them the title. Ambrose did it legally like a face should, and Baron Corbin did it illegally, and with force, like a dominant big-man heel should. It seems that they will be feuding going forward and it will be interesting to see how this storyline develops and if maybe The Miz re-enters the IC title picture as well.