DeAngelo Willams: “Cowboys’ Fans Are Annoying”


Free Agent Running Back DeAngelo Williams recently did an interview and talked about the teams that he would never join. He did mention four teams, with the two of them being the Cleveland Browns and the Jacksonville Jaguars just because of the fact that they don’t have a history of winning and can’t seem to figure out how to do it. He also doesn’t want to join the Carolina Panthers as the RB is still angry about how his release from that team went down. The fourth team, you guessed it, are the Dallas Cowboys.

Williams is a Niners fan, and he has stated that his fandom toward that team is preventing him from considering the Dallas Cowboys as his future destination. The Niners were the team to beat back in the 80s, and they did have some battles with the Cowboys going into the 90s. That is something that DeAngelo Williams still remembers pretty well.

He doesn’t really appreciate the fanbase nor the team from Big D. As a matter of fact, he didn’t have a lot of kind words towards the people that are cheering for Dallas Cowboys. Here is what he had to say about them during the 2016 season.

“I’m in the business of winning so therefore outside of the Dallas Cowboys. You know the Cowboys, they win, they just don’t ever show up during the Playoffs, though. Like they always disappear in the Playoffs. I got a great depiction of the Dallas Cowboys fan base during the regular season last year, they were on cloud nine. You couldn’t tell them anything – anything – because they were gonna win this year. That’s all they said, fans got extremely, super annoying.”