Dwayne The Rock Johnson – 5 Things He Will Do As President

Source: foxla.com

Dwayne The Rock Johnson is officially in the race for the 2024 US Presidential Campaign and official paperwork has been filed with the Federal Election Commission by a man called Kenton Tilford. We are not sure whether Tilford and Johnson are connected, but things have started to get serious. Let’s say the Hollywood superstar is to become a president – here are five things he would do.

5. Putin and Johnson


Putin is a skilled politician and a man of influence, but if someone can be compared to him, it’s Dwayne Johnson. The two will have a meeting, and eventually, The Rock will get Russia to reveal all its secrets. There will be no tension between the two countries anymore and together, they will work to establish peace in war regions in the Middle East.

4. Rockcare

After Obamacare and Trumpcare it is time for the best of the best – Rockcare. A workout will be obligatory and a strict diet of chicken, eggs and some more chicken. Oh, yes, protein shakes will be included as well. At least our nation will be healthier.

3. His old Wrestling Tag-Team Reunited for G20

The G20 summit in Hamburg passed violently with people protesting in the streets. The Rock needs to reunite with Mick Foley, and they should go to the 2024’s G20 summit and show everyone what they got.


2. Zac Efron – Secretary of State

Johnson told GQ that he was registered as an independent. In other words, if he wins in 2024, he will not be dependent on any political party. That is why we believe that Zac Efron, his buddy from Baywatch could become the Secretary of State.


1. Make America Great Again – The Rock Edition

In 2006, Dwayne Johnson wanted to help troubled and terminally ill children, so he created his own charity. Is the US nation strong enough for the president who is actually going to help less well-off? Well, it is about time to have a man like The Rock in the Oval Office.