Dear White People Season 2 Release Date & Renewal Info

After the first ten episodes, we got our first impression of the world in the Dear White People. There has been a lot of criticism regarding this show, but the well executed first ten episodes hopefully persuaded many people, so now the possibility of a second season is quite high. We’ll give you the official storyline for Season 2, and also our guess about the release date.

This is a satirical series located at Winchester University, and it’s a movie-to-TV adaptation centered around Sam, who is a radio presenter with a big mouth. The original trailers that were delivered a few months ago created a fan base that eagerly waited for the show, despite the fact that a lot of people stressed that the movie was an inward-looking comedy. However, we’re delighted to report that the series has also made it to this end. Clearly, not everyone will like this show, but you can’t do much about that.

As for the official renewal status, this one still isn’t announced to bring the sequel.

Taking the initial controversy into consideration, it seemed as if Dear White People may have failed after its Season 1. But after the critic’s response has been profusely positive, it looks like the show will, after all, receive another season. There’s a chance that we’ll get the news of renewal in the next few weeks as a new trailer could be published.

When it comes to the probable plot of Dear White People, there are a lot of potential ways to where a show could go to and a lot of unanswered questions. In the final episode, we saw Sam in the biggest radio show of her life, while she is still trying to save her relationship with Gabe. Sam and Coco did bury the hatchet, but clearly, there’s a probability for another disagreement in the future.

The biggest hint for the second season, that came in the final episode, was the kidnapping to which Kelsy pointed out but was disregarded by the rest of the dorm. By the way, the TV series everyone in the dorm watches has a whole lot more questions that still are not answered.

Lionsgate is producing the series, while it also produces other shows for Netflix, such as Orange is the New Black. That show is used as a marker for the release of a new season, and we can conclude that it will be delivered on a similar schedule, once a year. This also supported by the fact that this is a drama that doesn’t require a large number of sets or special effects, and it also doesn’t have big budget movie stars in it.

Dear White People Season 2 Release Date

Considering this, we can probably expect the next season of Dear White People in April or May of 2018.