“Death Stranding” Release Date – News and Updates


Death Stranding” will be launched for PS4 sometime in the future and Hideo Kojima and Guerrilla Games’ Hermen Hulst have recently talked about this game and delivered some interesting details. This new game was presented at the 2016 E3 conference, and the gamers were amazed by the quality of the trailer. Recently, a teaser clip was revealed, and it featured outstanding graphics, but for the first time, some of the scenes are offering more details about the game storyline.

As Kojima told IGN, the game itself will look even better than the trailer. He also spoke about the game’s engine, and we had a chance to hear about his cooperation with Guerrilla Games as well. The latest teaser used Guerrilla Games’ rendering engine, while the trailer that was shown before used another game engine.

Kojima stated” [Guerrilla Games] engine is well suited to the tools and systems of an open-world game. This was a very important aspect for us.” In an interview with Redbull, Kojima said that this game engine which is called Decima is “groundbreaking” rendering tool. He also added that a “very photorealistic style” will be used for “Death Stranding.”

Kojima was not so willing to talk about the storyline, but luckily for us, Hulst talked about the meaning behind the black strands of ropes, which we can see in the trailer. Namely, they are called “strands in psychology” and as it appears, the story of the game is focused on connections. Besides the single player mode, a “unique” co-op gaming experience will be offered to the players.

“Death Stranding” will go out for PS4 in the near future. Check out the new trailer here.