Deep Cycle Battery Charger – What you need to understand [2019]

Aside from being regularly charged, batteries sometimes need special attention. And, if you don’t really understand the physics behind it, then it’s probably a good idea to buy a charger specifically designed for the type of battery you have. This is to ensure proper care of the battery and to maximize its lifespan.

More to that, a deep cycle battery is specifically manufactured to have the majority of its capacity used up without causing significant damage to the battery. Now, let’s get to the technical stuff. Stay with me here! I promise not to overcomplicate it for anyone who doesn’t have technical knowledge. I’ll also talk about what you need to consider when buying a deep cycle battery charger.

I’m sure you are probably wondering; why should I buy a deep cycle battery charger instead of a regular charger? Well, when you use your battery, there is a build-up of sulfate inside the battery. This build-up causes the plates to be disfigured or warp when you use a regular charger. On the flip side, the deep cycle battery charger is built for such instances.

The deep cycle battery cycle charger will start by reducing the levels of sulfate in the battery as it charges it. That said, it will reduce any effect on the plates. Pretty simple, right?

What to look for when purchasing a deep cycle battery charger?

The list of deep cycle batteries in the market currently is really long. So long, in fact, you can easily get confused about which one you should pick. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list here of the things you should look out for before purchasing one.  You can also visit for some more great information.

Weight and Size

If you are planning to buy a deep cycle battery, then it’s probably a good idea to consider its weight and size. A good lithium deep cycle battery charger is energy-dense and lightweight when you compare it with a lead-acid counterpart.

More importantly, a lighter and smaller deep battery charger gives you more flexibility when you consider your application’s weight and balance. But don’t be fooled! Even though a lithium-ion battery charger is smaller, its efficiency is not compromised.

Environment resistance

Some of the deep cycle battery chargers feature certain aspects that will easily make them easily fit to use on the outdoors. These features include water-resistant abilities and UV resistance.

But if you want the best deep battery charger that is able to handle the outside environment, then you have to take the extra costs. I personally think it’s a good idea to take a battery charger that has both UV ray and water resistant. Therefore, in case of anything, I can charge my battery even when I’m outside.

Charge Level Indicator

If you don’t like it when your battery dies down unexpectedly, then a charge level indicator is a must. This will show you how much charge your battery has before you unplug it for use.

Battery features

According to this is actually the most important thing that you need to consider when buying a deep cycle battery charger. Some of the battery chargers are only suitable to work for certain types of batteries. For instance, a lead-acid battery charger will only work with a lead-acid battery and not any other type.

And if the device is used for another battery type, then expect that the battery will suffer. That said, reading the manual and finding the best deep cycle battery chargers is necessary.

Equalizing aspect

As RufroadMotorSports described, most of the advanced types of deep cycle battery chargers have the capacity of equalizing. That basically means that these battery chargers have the capacity to reverse the effects of sulfation in your battery. In turn, they will prolong the life of your battery. This is actually a useful feature for any battery user.

How to charge a deep cycle battery

A deep cycle battery charger basically has three functions: charging the battery, optimising the charging rate and also stopping the charge when the battery is full of charge. That’s a mouthful! Anyways, let’s continue.

Additionally, the charging process occurs in three significant stages: Bulk, then Absorption and lastly float charge. Starting with the first one, bulk charge refers to the initial stage of the charging process. Here, the rate of current is at a maximum while the battery maintains a constant voltage.

After this stage, we get to the next one; the absorption stage. In the absorption stage, the voltage starts to lower slowly and the internal resistance starts to increase. The final stage, float charging, happens when the voltage is reduced. This cycle is also known as the maintenance charge and it’s specifically designed to stop an already charged battery from discharging.

Why should I buy a deep cycle battery?

In case you are a car owner, then the main reason why you will need a deep cycle battery is that the 12volt car battery charger is not compatible with deep cycle batteries. These batteries basically have different features and needs compared to your standard-issue car battery.

These deep cycle batteries are designed to withstand long hours of discharge compared to their counterparts. Therefore, when you use your regular car battery charger, it will have adverse effects on the battery and it might not work as it should or last as long, costing you money in the long run.


Having a deep cycle battery means that you will need to take special care to it. And all that starts with buying the best deep cycle battery charger you can. All in all, if you use the above facts, I’m sure you will definitely find the right deep cycle battery charger for you.