The Benefits of Scalp Massage

How many times has someone recommended scalp massage for you?

Scalp massage means stimulating your scalp with your hands manually or using a device made for that purpose. People use scalp massage to relieve headaches and stress.

Head massage also helps the scalp produce new and strong her. This practice is commonly done by people who experience frequent hair loss because head massage provides a lot of hair related benefits.

The Advantages

These are some of the ways scalp massage can help you to regrow your hair.

  1. It Helps In Stimulating Blood Flow

Androgenetic Alopecia (AGA) is one of the causes of hair loss and it results from the presence of DHT. It starts a process that is referred to as hair miniaturization. The effect of this is a reduction of blood flow in the follicle.

Usually, when DHT binds to sensitive hair follicles, which are mainly on the crown and hairline, inflammation starts. The follicle then miniaturizes and this means the hair would not be able to break through the scalp. This can cause permanent baldness if it is not treated. The more the follicle miniaturizes, the more inflammation weakens the link between the blood vessels and the bulb. Because of this, oxygen and nutrients do not travel easily to their hair and wastes like CO2 and DHT will not be flushed out. Massaging the scalp will make blood flow better to the scalp. When the DHT is targeted, your hair follicles can be restored to their healthy state.

  1. It Promotes Hair Growth

When you suffer from hair loss, you will be worried about the growth of new hair. But performing regular scalp massage can boost the efforts you make to improve growth.

A Japanese study was carried out on 9 men to determine the effect of scalp massage. Every day, they received a massage on their scalp for four minutes every day. The massage device used is the Panasonic EH-HM75. After 24 weeks they noticed that their hair became thicker.

  1. It Helps To Reduce Stress and Tension

One other cause of hair loss is stress and this can either last for a short time or continue over a long period. Stress can be combated by massage. When you stress, your body becomes tensed and it can lead to more stress and erupt into a vicious cycle. This can be relieved by massaging the scalp.
  1. It Promotes Sebum Production

Sebum is the oil produced by the skin. It means that the skin is healthy and well-nourished. However, sebum can be lowered when you continuously use harsh chemical compounds on the hair or when your hair is exposed to external pollutants.

When the production of sebum is low it can cause flaking and dryness. When this happens you will end up rubbing and itching the scalp and it can cause hair loss. When you have low sebum levels it can result in an oily scalp. The reason for this is that your scalp makes an effort to balance the oil and end up producing more than is needed. Scalp massage helps to regulate how your scalp produces sebum and makes it remain on a healthy level.

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