Definitive guide to selling your used iPhone

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If you are considering selling the previous model of the iPhone and get money that always comes in handy. Today we have prepared an article with the tips to follow to make a good sale.

Delete your iPhone

As your old phone will live a new life with another person, you must delete all the contents and settings that are in it. It is something that you should not do manually since Apple makes it very easy for you.

  • Take out the SIM card from the iPhone using the skewer included in the box or a clip.
  • Go Settings and press General> Reset> Delete contents and settings. If you have activated Search for my iPhone, you may have to enter your Apple ID and password.
  • If you are asked for the device code or the Restrictions code, enter it. Then press Delete and after a short time, you have it as it left the factory.

How to clean your iPhone

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The buyer will appreciate that the iPhone you buy is without fingerprints or smudges. Following Apple’s instructions, you should never apply any liquid directly on the phone. The best thing is that you use a cloth that does not leave any fluff.

After removing the case and screen protector, you can use some product to clean lenses or a window cleaner, apply on that cloth and rub. Allow airing dry.

How to sell successfully

Once these steps are done, it is time to continue so that the sale process is satisfactory, so we go with other useful considerations.

Put a realistic price

If you have doubts about what price to put, consult sales pages. Your estimates should be adjusted to market prices if they go up a lot no one will want to buy you. Of course, think how far you can lower the price and what is your red line below.

Take good pictures

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They make the sales process very easy. Never announce anything with generic photos of Apple or that are not yours. The photos taken from the internet are not worth and are easily discovered. Be legal If the iPhone has a tap or rayon, that is reflected in your photos.

What is the state of the device?

It can not have the same value a phone that has suffered falls, hits or has a brand that is used, but in good condition. If your iPhone has some kind of flaw, remember it clearly. Indicate if you have a warranty or are covered by AppleCare.

If the Home button is hard, there is a problem with the touch or the speaker does not give the power you must give you are bound to communicate. If you do not do it, you may encounter problems, and your sale would not be successful. Your honesty is your best safeguard.

Do you have it sealed? Do not open it

If you are lucky enough to have an iPhone sealed to sell, do not ignore it “to see that everything is fine.” Automatically its value falls and it is something without too much sense. Delivery also invoices, this may have your personal data deleted and will remain valid.

Include everything you have

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Many buyers value buying an iPhone with its box, manuals, cables, headphones, and stickers. If you do not include any of these elements, let them know in your ad. It makes the search much easier for certain types of users.

Where are you going to sell it?

If you want to buy and sell used iPhone, there are many virtual platforms such as Gadgetsalvation, eBay, Amazon or specialized buying and selling forums. If you use them, remember to write a detailed announcement putting your photos. Make clear the shipping conditions, who is responsible for these expenses, which method you prefer to charge and if there is room for negotiation.

Never make transactions in which they offer you more money than you ask for, the Nigerian scam is still valid. If the platform charges commissions for the sale, you must take them into account. Never accept platforms such as Western Union as a means of payment.

Deals in hand?

Many times the deals close in your own locality. If the person is unknown, he stays with her in a public place. If you close the deal, count the money in front of the buyer and do not accept checks as a means of payment. If doubts arise or you do not see it clearly, kindly decline to close the sale.

Save the conversations

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If prior to the deal there have been conversations or exchanges of emails, keep them for a while. They can be useful if problems later arise and you can prove that your conditions were one in particular.

Write down the IMEI of what you sell

Keep a record of what you have sold and to whom. In the remote case of subsequent problems, you can provide the security forces with valuable information. If you need to learn more about the IMEI number, you can check out

Final tips

After all these recommendations remember that you never have to send anything until you have confirmed the money in your checking account, beware if you get the money in from an ATM and that for sales outside your locality, it costs very little to ensure the package, and remember to pack it well. It will give tranquility to who buys. Do not forget to provide the tracking number of the shipment.