Denver Broncos’ Loss In San Diego Can Cost Them Later In The Season

Denver Broncos were an undefeated team just a few days ago. Now, they are 4-2 after losing two games in less than five days. Defending Super Bowl champions were looking like one of the main candidates to go all the way this season and defend their title. Now, they don’t resemble the squad that is favorite in AFC.

Siemian’s injury was for sure one of the reasons why they lost that game to the Falcons at home. He returned this week, but he didn’t look like a quarterback that we have seen in his first four career starts. Broncos defense is also to blame. They have given up a lot of yards to pass catching running back against the Falcons, and they have also let Phillip Rivers make all the key plays last night in San Diego. They also haven’t looked as good as they were in the past.

These losses could cost Denver big time later in the season. They are great on their home field, and they need it in order to go to the Super Bowl. We have seen what they can do to elite quarterbacks in Mile High City. Just look at how good they were against Tom Brady in that AFC Championship game.

And also you can take a look at how bad they have been in Foxboro lately. Even though Patriots have a tougher schedule, Broncos also need to face a couple of good teams. They still have to face Raiders twice, a team that is looking pretty good right now and they can easily lose one of those two games. They also need to play Chiefs twice, and we know how tough they are at Arrowhead. The main matchup of their remaining schedule is at home against the Patriots. And this is now a must-win game for them if they want to have that home field advantage.

It’s hard to imagine Patriots losing more than three games this season since Brady is back and ready for revenge tour. Denver already has two losses, and this one to the Chargers can prove to be costly. It could very well cost them another trip to the Super Bowl.